Pennesalat with Gorgonzola

Ingredients for 2 people

125 g Penne
100 g ham
80 g Gorgonzola
100 g yellow peppers
50 g peapods
100 g cherry tomatoes
50 g young onions
Salt pepper
Chive Mayonnaise
3 tbsp. mayonnaise
1 tbsp. Senf
2 tbsp. yoghurt
salt, cayenne pepper
1 tbsp. chives (sliced)



Boil penne al dente, strain, refresh with cold water and drain well. Blanch peapods in salt water for 3 minutes, refresh and drain.
Cut the ham and gorgonzola into 1 cm cubes. Cut peas and peppers into strips and halve the tomatoes. Chop the young onions finely. For the chive mayonnaise mix all the ingredients together and fold in the chives. Add the ham, gorgonzola and all the other ingredients and dash with the maynonnaise. Mix and serve.